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Is your exhibition design eco friendly?

The exhibition industry is growing fast, attracting over 13 million attendees to the trade show floor each year in the UK alone, but what happens to your exhibition stand post-event?

So, you’ve been standing for hours and hours on your exhibition stand over the last few days and probably can’t wait to say goodbye to it, but have you ever wondered what happens to your beautifully designed booth once the show has finished?

There have been months of meetings, planning and stand designing, and let’s face it, a noticeable amount of money. But does it really all get thrown away?

The answer is, not so much anymore! Exhibitions used to be seen as environmentally unfriendly and highly wasteful but now stand design companies are becoming more aware and with their careful forward-thinking designs, the industry is becoming more sustainable.

Sounds great, so how can you have a more sustainable exhibition stand?

Whether your company has a small booth or a large bespoke (aka custom or space only) built stand, people are now seeing that their exhibition stands, whatever the size, need to be designed so they are ‘built to last’.

More and more investments are being made within companies for exhibiting as it is key to networking and growing businesses. Modular systems with metal frameworks is an easy example of a simple stand that can be stored and re-used. The framework can be re-configured to fit the shape of the stand whilst the graphic panels can be updated as and when needed.

Even custom stand builds can be designed to be re used. After the trade show, certain elements of the booth can put into storage and then re-configured and re-furbished for future events. This is great news when budgeting for your next event as rebuilding another eye-catching stand from scratch can be costly!

So, a sustainable exhibition stand design and build is one way to make your event an eco-friendly marketing activity whilst also keeping costs downs and staying within your budget. However, you will need to make sure you have a secure location to store your stand to keep it safe and in great condition for several years of exhibiting! Speak to one of our design team now to discuss your possibilities for a sustainable exhibition stand.

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